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Consulting Engineering is a vast industry – Rosemont Partnership are search specialists in Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Geotechnical and Transport Planning. Our clients benefit from our wide experience in all these areas, in ensuring we can support them in building their team to provide them with the best innovation and most efficient processes. Each of these sectors require a diverse skillset and in-depth knowledge – our research team have the skills required to search and find the best talent in the industry, which will provide the best fit for your business.

Choose Requirements:

Our Interim service can provide our clients with a contract option, whilst we seek to fill the role with a permanent placement, or simply provide you with additional resource when your business most needs it. We have access to a large pool of talented, results-driven candidates who are purely seeking to work on a contract basis.

The interim solution provides a range of benefits including:

  • A much-needed resource to relieve business pressures
  • Introduce a temporary skillset to your business
  • Provide resource for a specific / new project
  • Provide a stop-gap whilst finding a longer-term candidate.

Once briefed, we will grasp your business challenges and quickly provide you with the resource that you need.

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