Paul Blackwell 09/02/2017

The recently published Investors in people Exodus report confirms what we are experiencing: the market is on the move.

The pool of good candidates is still very tight in some sectors, including construction. There is a significant rise in the number of people who want to change jobs.

And whilst financial compensation is still inevitably high on the list of considerations – we all have to eat and keep a roof over our head – coming hot on the heels on the wish list are better management, feeling more valued in a happy environment, career progression prospects and the ability to work flexibly.

Rosemont’s experience

That’s also no surprise to us.   Company culture and values are no longer considered a ‘fringe benefit’. Candidates are seeking the whole picture; just a pay rise is no longer enough.   Our approach at Rosemont has always been to link both personal and professional aspirations. As a result candidates have accepted realistic and sustainable 3-5% salary increases, as opposed to the marketed 10-15% salary increases. These larger increases are clearly unsustainable and can often cause huge conflicts within existing structures.

Personal reflection

My partner and I are looking forward to welcoming out first child in the Spring.  With this life change, has come a great deal of reflection about what is important to us when it comes to her return to work and whether she will be able to do it on her current terms; what her company can offer as an alternative should this not be the case, or will she need to find a job elsewhere? 

Considerations for candidates

Candidates that we work with need to consider all of this when weighing up whether they wish to move, and they need to be clear about their longer aspirations and lifestyle desires.

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