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A Perfect Partnership. For us, recruitment is about forming relationships, getting to know the right people before they even know they want a career change and therefore offering a service that will enhance not just their career but their quality of living. As the market for good quality candidates shrinks, we place significant emphasis on employer and employee value proposition: making sure the partnership is the best cultural fit as well as technical skills fit. Our Partnership thrives on repeat business and our high NPS score is testament to this.

Rosemont Partnership is a consultancy; we recognise that our profession is saturated with “call centre” agencies that drive results through volume and KPI’s. We have structured our business to put huge emphasis on upfront research to ensure we understand you, as a client or candidate. This understanding will quickly become evident in the results that we present to you.

We specialise in ‘Search’ recruitment, carefully selecting candidates from a well-researched talent pool of individuals. Our candidates are often not actively looking for a career change, however our research and understanding of the client, their competitors and the market in which they operate, helps to identify that these candidates will often be the perfect fit.

Our Values.

For Rosemont there is no compromise in quality. Whether it is partnering with clients, researching the market or dealing with candidates, everything is completed thoroughly with attention to detail and a focus on service. This is evident in the number of awards the team have won in recent years and the growth of our business.

Our team pride ourselves on the level of experience and deep knowledge of the sectors in which we operate. This ensures we are better equipped to deal with clients and candidates, with a complete understanding of their requirements, challenges and opportunities. Ultimately this leads to a higher class of customer service.

Trust and integrity are at the heart of our business. We are focussed on embedding ourselves into our client's businesses, so that we understand your needs and build trust from day one. We pride ourselves on our frank, honest approach to everything we do, so will only partner a candidate with a client if it is the perfect fit for both parties, both from a business and cultural perspective.

The Right Fit.

As recruiters we are in a privileged position, the impact we have on people’s lives is significant, hence Rosemont Partnership does not just chase the next fee; we ensure a cultural fit for all parties and that the opportunity enhances the candidate’s career and wellbeing, whilst ensuring accurate brief fulfillment for our clients. Our thoroughly researched search methods by industry experts ensure that each placement is successful - we refuse to compromise on the quality of our delivery.

94% Shortlist to Interview

The percentage of all CV’s  presented at shortlist stage that have been accepted by our customers to interview.

82% Assignment Completion

We take pride in ensuring successfully and professionally delivery of your assignments.

90.1% Retained Placements

The percentage of our placements who are still employed by our clients.

Net Promoter Score:


(international benchmark is +35)

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